Shapewear Ambassador Maureen Klain for FIGUR by Jules

Age: 68 | Size: 16

Proud Mum and Nanna to 2 amazing kids 45 & 43 and 4 gorgeous grandkids 16, 14, 14 & 12. At 68, 175cm tall and weighing in at 84kgs I am proud of what my body has produced. As a young women, after having my 2 beautiful big babies 10lbs and 12lbs I thought my body would never be the same again. Over the years I’ve tried many “diets” up and down I went, squeezing myself into numerous brands of uncomfortable shapewear “Ouch” Only to look like a sausage that had split its skin!

I’m grateful to be 68, have the most amazing family and great friends and be here to enjoy everything, that life brings me. Unfortunately I’ve seen friends & family depart this world, some way to young. My body is what it is, I’m comfortable in my skin, keeping healthy is important to me, but so is living your life and enjoying those special moments. So when i need to squeeze into that special outfit I’d love to have comfortable shapewear. I’d love to be a model for your product and show that it’s not just young woman who like to look and feel fantastic. Thanks Jules!

Shapewear Ambassador Maureen Klain at Figur by Jules