Shapewear Ambassador Wendy Leigh Longman for FIGUR by Jules

Age: 43 | Size: 14 I have had 4 c sections and unfortunately my muscles have been cut through which means I have no control over them. I can try pull my tummy in but unfortunately the kangaroo pouch wont budge at all. I have bought many granny pants to wear under my dresses to help support the kangaroo pouch but oh my what a mission to get those pants off if I need to go and wee haha and you also will not see me wearing those granny pants infront of my husband. I am terribly embarrassed to remove my clothing infront of him if my granny pants is under the dress….talk about a mood killer. He calls them my bridget jones pants/knickers. What’s even worse is if he hangs up the washing and my granny pants is amongst the clothing. I get terribly embarrassed to see it hanging on the line as oh my goodness it is the most ugliest thing to see hanging. I am Terribly self conscious of my kangaroo pouch. If I wear the right panty, I can “conceal” it as seen in the blue panty but let me bend over….the pouch literally hangs On the one photo you will see I am wearing Jean’s. It was for a photo shoot for myWW and I was terribly self conscious in that photo as the stylist tucked the shirt into my jeans which made my pouch protrude even more. I have lost 25 kilos with WW but that pouch just won’t go. I often stand infront of the mirror and hold my pouch in my hand and often think that I wish I could grab a scissors & cut it off. Many people say be proud of it, you carried 4 babies….but it’s my body and I need to feel comfortable in my skin and unfortunately that pouch is the total confidence killer in my life. I have often said that I so wish that I could have a tummy tuck as I HATE my tummy/kangaroo pouch. I feel totally grossed out when I get out of the bath & see it. I would love to learn how to feel confident in my skin and perhaps your figur range could assist me with accepting my pouch but still feel sexy and confident infront of my husband instead of feeling embarrassed. It’s very disheartening when you have lost all the weight but still have a pouch. My pouch would probably weigh about 2Kg if it was removed….2 Kg of unsightly skin that i so want to learn to embrace as part of my womanly journey.
Shapewear Ambassador Wendy Leigh Longman at Figur by Jules