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Sexy is a mindset not a dress size!

FIGUR is an uplifting and sophisticated brand providing shapewear for women of all shapes and sizes. It is designed for confidence and comfort, with the goal of making women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes and in their everyday lives. At FIGUR we believe real body confidence is about knowing our body, working with what we have got and loving ourselves unconditionally.


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FIGUR is for ALL women, all shapes and sizes. Its revolutionary, well thought out designs elevate the brand above its competitors. Show off your figure in FIGUR.

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  • @figur_coToday I asked my body what she needed, Which is a big deal Considering my journey of Not Really Asking That Much I thought she might need more water Or protein Or greens Or yoga Or supplements Or movement But as I stood in the shower Reflecting on her stretch marks, Her roundness where I would like flatness, Her softness where I would like firmness, All those conditioned wishes That form a bundle of Never-Quite-Right-Ness She whispered very gently Could you just love me like this? - Hollie Holden
  • @figur_coSo excited to announce the official F A S H I O N partners for “AMPLIFIED” campaign! @sheikeandco and @citychiconline The chosen 10 women will be styled head to toe in these labels!! 🙌🏼 P.S the chosen 10 women will be getting a phone call this week! 🧡 Wearing @sheikeandco in this photo and of course ULTIMATE @figur_co TALL BODY size 14 #figuramplified #campaign #partners #sheikestyle #citychic #sizeinclusive
  • @figur_co10 affirmations for loving your body 1. My body is allowed to change 2. I deserve to love my body 3. I am so much more than my appearance 4. My weight does not define me 5. My body makes me unique 6. My body allows me to live this life 7. I do not need to compare, everyone has their own struggles even if I can't see them 8. I am not a size or weight, I am a person 9. My confidence is shown through my actions and personality, not my appearance 10. Hating my body won't help me love it
  • @figur_coSometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you're worth the trip. - Glenn Beck You TOTALLY are worth it ! 🧡FIGUR X
  • @figur_coSelf-love, self-respect, self-worth...there is a reason they all start with "self". You cannot find them in anyone else.
  • @figur_coFIGUR feed back from LONDON! @toriallenmartin 📸 I LOVE THEM! By far the best control/support underwear I’ve EVER worn and I’ve tried LOADS. I felt the most confident I have images! Such a secret weapon! Thank you! THANK YOU! You’ve nailed it. I 100% will only shop figur now! 🙂 no thank you @toriallenmartin #shapewearreview #bestshapewear #figuramplified #figurbyjules
  • @figur_coWhat ever size we are, you can look and feel beautiful. And remember nothing shines more beautiful than a beautiful heart. #beyou #doyou #figurbyjules . . @danaemercer
  • @figur_coDouble delight ❤️ @afterpayau is PERFECT to take advantage of @figur_co Mother’s Day sale! Use MUMSFIGURDAY25 at check out for 25% off! #figurbyjules #shapewearsale #afterpay
  • @figur_coYou will see me struggle. You will see me bend and twist and get uncomfortable when I’m not serving to everyone else’s needs. But you will also see me sit and steep as I do my best to honour mine. Because at the end of the day we are different. We are meant to be. We are meant to be our own flavours, our own special blends. Made up of experiences, likes and dislikes, skills, talents, love. Words and image by @thebirdspapaya #bodylove #feminine #femaleempowerment
  • @figur_cofigur_co How often have you sat with thinking about what someone thinks about you? A flaw you have and you use up all your energy to go through every flaw and think of all the ways to get rid of it. We don't know how long we have in this body. Some of us will grow old with her. But one thing we can control is how much love, attention and affection we give to this body. I hope you live a little more boldly and free today sitting in your kindness. #globalshipping #figur #figurbyjules #uk #bestshapewear #quote #wordsofwisdom Less


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