Sexy is a mindset not a dress size!

FIGUR is an uplifting and sophisticated brand providing shapewear for women of all shapes and sizes. It is designed for confidence and comfort, with the goal of making women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes and in their everyday lives. At FIGUR we believe real body confidence is about knowing our body, working with what we have got and loving ourselves unconditionally.

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FIGUR is for ALL women, all shapes and sizes. Its revolutionary, well thought out designs elevate the brand above its competitors. Show off your figure in FIGUR.

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  • @figur_coAs you all know @figur_co joined body love forces with @embodywomen to gift one lucky winner ⭐️A pair of embody jeans And the ULTIMATE FIGUR pack ⭐️Ultimate FIGUR ⭐️Optimum FIGUR skirt ⭐️FIGUR tribe cap ⭐️ FIGUR mantra oil Thank you so much for all the love and support! Women supporting at its finest! Congratulations to @krystal4eva you are the lucky winner!!! Please stay tuned for our next FIGUR giveaway. It’s a absolute diamond 😉💎 #clue
  • @figur_co10 ways I learned to love my body and boost body confidence  ​By @nude_nutritionist ​  ​1. Remind yourself that there is no right. ​2. Follow models with your body. ​3. Start with body acceptance. ​4. Recognise when you see yourself incorrectly. ​5. Clean up how you speak to yourself. ​6. Do a closet cleanse. ​7. Do not buy things you need to lose weight for. ​8. Stop wishing you had another body. ​9. Do fun exercise. ​10. Compliment others. ​
  • @figur_coCellulite is not a sign of ​🍑 Poor health 🍑 ​Crappy genetics ​🍑 Improper skincare ​🍑 Failure. ​ ​Cellulite is ​Normal period! 💕
  • @figur_coMEET STEPH ! #figurambassador❤️At the age of 25 I have already undergone 3 major pelvic operations and learnt how to walk all over again. When I was 19 I had my first surgery which went well.When I had the next side done my recovery didn’t go as expected and I spent about 6 months on crutches and couldn’t work out why I couldn’t walk properly still. During this period my weight started to soar. My partner started to distance himself & didn’t find me attractive anymore. My surgeon decided he needed to go back in again & correct the left hip. I woke up from surgery,knew straight away something was wrong. I can remember the nurses holding me out of bed into a walking frame and the fear of them letting me go & immediately falling. I was taken to have test done,turns out my spine had been damaged in the procedure, the neurologist told me I wouldn’t walk again. Within an hr of finding out the news my partner of 3 years walked away.I felt fat, I was covered in scars and so alone. At 22 I felt like my life was over. I would never walk down the isle,get married, who would want to? My friends didn’t stand by me, but I knew it could go one way or the other. I chose the highway. I started doing rehab & pushing through. I learnt how to walk again, I learnt to ❤️ my curvy body & I learnt that no one appreciates me at my best if they aren’t there for me at my worst.I am so proud of everything I have achieved on my own and where I am in my life. Each scar on my body tells a story of something I’ve been through. After what I went through and achieved I know nothing can break me now. I am beautiful how I am & I will find someone who loves me for me. I really related to Jules on #MAFS because I felt I wasn’t alone. Her confidence in her body has taught me that I can wear fitted clothes & love my body. Doing this campaign would honestly be life changing for me. Not only for my confidence and mental health but for my personal growth. Even if I am not selected I want you to know what an amazing thing it is you are doing and how life changing this is going to be for every teenager bullied sitting at home crying about someone’s comment on her weight.
  • @figur_co“Find your tribe and love them hard” . As women we naturally crave the connection and belonging that comes from sisterhood! When we connect with other women, either face to face or through the positive effect of social media ,we connect deeply with ourselves, Opening ourselves up and sharing the things that are close to our hearts creates a space of shared vulnerability that leads to deep connection and support and self love. Join our tribe and wear your FIGUR cap with pride and look damn fine at the same time 😉 A FIGUR woman accepts herself,her body, and loves her self day in and day out, she accepts others and has no space for hate and jealousy, she cheers her tribe on and only wishes all success and happiness. Her size does not define her potential, she is the leader of her potential. No matter water age, shape , size she will slay !! 😉 PINK AND WHITE / PINK AND GOLD COMING SOON!! RRP $35
  • @figur_co"If there is one thing I'm willing to bet on, It's myself. " ​~ Beyonce 💕💫
  • @figur_coLAST CHANCE TO WIN! This week we will announce the lucky winner!! ALL you need to do is FOLLOW @embodywomen and @figur_co and TAG a friend on this post! You instantly go into the draw to win a pair of ULTIMATE FIGUR OPTIMUM FIGUR FIGUR MANTRA OIL FIGUR CAP And a pair of @embodywomen jeans All valued at nearly $500! And Exclusive for the FIGUR tribe EMBODY WOMEN is giving you 20% off selected items! Use the code embodylove Sizing from 8-22 GOOD LUCK WINNING !
  • @figur_coWhether your body is a size zero or a size twenty, Body image is the way you perceive your body and how you believe others perceive it. It relates to the feelings about it and the sense of feeling connected with your body. Body image lies at the core of self-esteem and self-confidence. No matter what age or size you are, you can always look and feel fabulous. True body confidence is accepting your self, working it 🙌🏼🙌🏼with what you got! Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care. ~Buddha
  • @figur_coEmbrace all that is you, that is beautiful, all your curves or your non curves. There is great beauty in being who you are, that doesn’t mean being happy all the time but embracing all the stages, the moods, the experiences. You glow differently when you are happy 💫
  • @figur_coYou are a bright beautiful goddess 🌟

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FIGUR is designed for confidence and comfort, with the goal of making women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes and in their everyday lives.

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