Sexy is a mindset not a dress size!

FIGUR is an uplifting and sophisticated brand providing shapewear for women of all shapes and sizes. It is designed for confidence and comfort, with the goal of making women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes and in their everyday lives. At FIGUR we believe real body confidence is about knowing our body, working with what we have got and loving ourselves unconditionally.

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FIGUR is for ALL women, all shapes and sizes. Its revolutionary, well thought out designs elevate the brand above its competitors. Show off your figure in FIGUR.

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  • @figur_coC A R E P A C K GIVEAWAY #wewillFIGURitout is back and we are sending love and light to Victoria Australia. FIGUR has two beautiful BIG AND BEAUTIFUL care packs to give away to 100% make someone feel all fuzzy and warm and make them smile. 🥰 Please tag a friend who lives in VICTORIA ( you can only win if you’re in VICTORIA) and tell us why they deserve a care pack! ( I know you all do 😉) #sharethelove If you’re nominated please follow FIGUR to be in the running to win! ❤️ Sending lots of love to you all and hang in there! #wewillFIGURitout Thank you again to all the generous companies who partnered with @figur_co to make this happen @peppermintgroveau @glowdry_australia @glowbybeca @ww_aunz @olayau @trovetrovetrove @womenshealthaus @davroe @e.x.p.o.s.e.d.naturals @_kind_is_cool_ 📸 @collectivehub #covid #isolife #melbourne #victoria #careforothers #carepacks #figur #supporteachother #restrictions #womensuportingwomen #ww #davroe #olayau #trove #peppermintgrovecandles #naturaldeodorant #cooliskind
  • @figur_coSome wise words and a great review from @melisainoz One of our FIGUR Tribe who are staying strong in Victoria #covidlife . We are thinking of you Victoria 🙌🏼 . What a crazy time we are going through and living in Melbourne, probably a little crazier for us Victorian’s. First lockdown was hard, but this one is even harder because we “had this” and it got away from us. I think the biggest issue for many of us is our mental health and for me, finding myself for the first time in my 55 years suffering with anxiety and depression was a huge surprise. I want everyone to know it’s okay to feel like this ... reach out, talk about it, and like I did seek medical help if you need it! But mostly be kind to yourself. The things I have found that work for me during this difficult time are: * I realised having a routine was a huge help ... a walk with the dog, yoga, meditation, an episode of whatever I’m currently watching, and some cooking thrown in * I’ve got myself some jigsaw puzzles that fill in more time than I anticipated ... oh and knitting (I’m dreadful at it but a scarf/blanket is easy enough) * I love cooking so I’ve gotten really experimental in the kitchen ... hubby is very happy arrive home to culinary delights * Lots of houseparty/zoom/FaceTimes with family and friends ... often for 4pm wine and cheese chats * Podcasts ... was never really into them but am now a tad addicted * And whilst I don’t do it every day it’s nice to get all glammed up with hair/makeup/farshun and plan where I might wear “this outfit” in the future My biggest saviour though is my meditation practice ... I do this every day ... I only started a few years ago but wish I had picked this up 30 years ago. It’s not easy and you need to find what works for you, but guided meditations are my zen (again so much available online for free) ... We will all get through this and come out the other side with, I think, a true appreciation for what’s important in life ... hang in there and stay strong. #isolife #wewilfiguritout #stage4restrictions #figur #support #inittigether #victoria
  • @figur_coYour curves run like waves, and i'm so madly in love with the ocean. ​A.R. Lucas
  • @figur_coYour potential to succeed is infinite 💫
  • @figur_co• F I G U R M A T E R N I T Y • Tar-dah 💫💫 This is what I have been perfecting pretty much my whole pregnancy! Perfecting the design, comfort and support. And I’m happy to say this is the finished result of FIGUR MATERNITY shaping shorts. . I know know that women don’t walk around with their hand on their bump just because of subconscious protection or to show off their proud bump, it’s because sometimes you feel like it’s going to fall out 😉😂and it’s just feels better to hold it ! Right ? . In the belly there is NO COMPRESSION and it has a little excess material to stretch and grow with you. The strongest MAX level is at the back and goes all over the hips and around under the belly for support, and gently boning just at the back to stop rolling down. ( it doesn’t move) And of course the easy access crotch ( made with even more stretch) for the mummies to be !! I know you hear me! 💦You just pull from right to left. 🙌🏼 #donttakeofftowee #weealwaysgotyou . My body has changed so much through pregnancy and I’m embracing the magic of my body but I still want to feel my best in any out fit and create smoothness over those extra lumps and bumps ( my hips have a life of their own!) make my bump feel supported but safe with no pressure. FIGUR MATERNITY makes me feel supported, smooth and perfect under any out fit for the Mamma to be! . . I can’t wait to share with all the Mammas to be ! C O M I N G S O O N❤️❤️❤️ @babycubandladylumps
  • @figur_coAn ideal body shape is whatever shape your body is when it is nourished without restriction and participating in movement without obligation. ​ ​
  • @figur_co"We live in a culture where a mother's pregnant body is beautiful until the moment she gives birth. That's when it's time to wrap things up, tuck away the evidence, apologise for the mess, For me personally, the body that I had after birth was the one that led to transformation." ​ ​Kate Baer
  • @figur_coFIGUR is proud as punch when we read a review like this 🙌🏼🙌🏼 . If FIGUR is giving you a spring in your step please leave a Facebook or Google Review, it would be so appreciated 🥰. . #womensupportingwomen . . #shapewearreview #figurreview #figur #customerservice #bestshapewear #wontrolldown #bodycontour #review #bodylove
  • @figur_coWho loves lipstick??!!! 💄💄💄💄REVLON SUPER LUSTROUS THE LUSTROUS MATTES valued at $24.95 is what our FIGUR tribe get gifted with their purchase!! #untilstockslast STARTS NOW ⏰ BE BOLD LADIES, BE YOU! @revlonanz
  • @figur_coAnd now that you do not need to be perfect, you can be you! 🌟 ​ ​Embrace life with curiosity. Your tells you where you have been and your mind takes you to where you can go. ​

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FIGUR is designed for confidence and comfort, with the goal of making women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes and in their everyday lives.

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