Sexy is a mindset not a dress size!

FIGUR is an uplifting and sophisticated brand providing shapewear for women of all shapes and sizes. It is designed for confidence and comfort, with the goal of making women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes and in their everyday lives. At FIGUR we believe real body confidence is about knowing our body, working with what we have got and loving ourselves unconditionally.

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FIGUR is for ALL women, all shapes and sizes. Its revolutionary, well thought out designs elevate the brand above its competitors. Show off your figure in FIGUR.

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  • @figur_coWhat else would you add to this list? Easy ways to support your BFF during social distancing. 1. Have a coffee date over facetime 2. Showering them with all the love and commenting on their IG 3. Schedule check-ins 4. Send memes to make them LOL 5. Bring back long-form email Tag your far-away bestie and let them know you're thinking of them 💖 #figurambassador is our stunning @carlabeheram01 ❤️
  • @figur_coMeet @cooksisternz Wendy ❤️ #figurambassador This was Wendy's application for our #bodypositivity campaign that I'm sure lots of Mum's can relate to. May we be proud of what our bodies create and learn to love ourselves. . I have had four c sections and unfortunately my muscles have been cut through which means I have no control over them. I can try pull my tummy in but unfortunately the kangaroo pouch wont budge at all. I have bought many granny pants to wear under my dresses to help support the kangaroo pouch but oh my what a mission to get those pants off if I need to go to the loo 🤣and you also will not see me wearing those granny pants infront of my husband. I am terribly embarrassed to remove my clothing infront of him if my granny pants is under the about a mood killer. . He calls them my bridget jones pants/knickers. What's even worse is if he hangs up the washing and my granny pants is amongst the clothing. I get terribly embarrassed to see it hanging on the line as oh my goodness it is the most ugliest thing to see hanging. . I can feel self conscious of my kangaroo pouch. I'm constantly looking for shape wear that feels good and looks good. . I have lost 25 kilos with WW but that pouch just won't go. I often stand infront of the mirror and hold my pouch in my hand and often think I wish it wasn't there. Many people say be proud of it, you carried 4 babies....but it's my body and I need to feel comfortable in my skin and unfortunately that pouch is the total confidence killer in my life. I have often said that I so wish that I could have a tummy tuck as I HATE my tummy/kangaroo pouch. I feel totally grossed out when I get out of the bath & see it. . I would love to learn how to feel confident in my skin and perhaps your figur range could assist me with accepting my pouch but still feel sexy and confident infront of my husband instead of feeling embarrassed. It's very disheartening when you have lost all the weight but still have a pouch. . TUNE in this week to see how Wendy feels now after being part of #figurmovement . Thank you for your honesty, humour and being so relatable Wendy ❤️❤️❤️❤️ . . @conniepuntoriero 📸
  • @figur_coTestimonial from the gorgeous @keiraandnix Thank you! ❤️ We love following your page! . For years I have paid huge amounts for shapewear, that always disappointed. Always. There were always dresses that I wanted to wear, but didn't have the right under garment to help that situation. Back in the day it was more a mental shift of ' I need shapewear to feel thin'. Now I am so truly happy with myself, that finding shapewear means treating myself, shaping my curves, wearing whatever I like and feeling good! Honestly- this shapewear is a dream. No rolling down my back, no sweaty thighs, no dripping in sweat and feeling uncomfortable. Jules has nailed it! A truly amazing woman! Andre ❤️
  • @figur_coThis photo series is by the photographer and stylist @mollygracelawton. Her series empowers women to view themselves for their beauty in their real form and explores the theme of transparency, honesty and combating fake reality. Being completely comfortable and free within your own skin that you can strip yourself bare of any covering. All of these images have not been edited they are completely raw, celebrating each model in their own way to empower others to feel confident in their own skin and bring reality back into the world.
  • @figur_coThe only thing more powerful than a confident woman is a FIGUR army of them. 👯‍♀️👭 Our FIGUR ambassadors @gingearoundtown @dani_elle_violet wearing their FIGUR, the changing their world uniform. #wewillFIGURitout Link in Bio to shop 👆 we can't wait for you to join!
  • @figur_coMaureen one of our ambassadors wears the Ultimate FIGUR petite body Shorts 💕 ​ ​I’m grateful to be 68, have the most amazing family and great friends and be here to enjoy everything, that life brings me. Unfortunately, I’ve seen friends & family depart this world, some way to young. My body is what it is, I’m comfortable in my skin, keeping healthy is important to me, but so is living your life and enjoying those special moments. So when I need to squeeze into that special outfit I’d love to have comfortable shapewear. I’d love to be a model for your product and show that it’s not just a young woman who likes to look and feel fantastic. ​ ​Shop FIGUR ~ Link in Bio 👆
  • @figur_coEmbrace being completely comfortable and free within your own skin. Ultimate Figur Petite Body Shorts. Is our most supportive line for body contouring and shape to show off your FIGUR. Designed for the woman under 5″4 in height or petite body length. Made with multi-levels of compression to support you in all the right areas. Fits like a second skin for all day and night comfort. Won’t roll down or up. Pullover crotch area for hassle-free toilet experience. @laceyjadechristie
  • @figur_coFIGUR keeping it sexy and chic, and that's just the packaging! Wait till you wear it. 💕 . $1 from every sale goes to @sharethedignityaustralia to help fight #periodpoverty and #domesticviolence victims. . Let's reshape the world together ❤️
  • @figur_coTo all you beautiful FIGUR women. Thank you for all the stories you have shared with our #figurcommunity over the last few days. Really moving, inspiring and touching. You are all so incredible in this time of change. In times like these, we do need connection now more than ever. Call your loved ones, write love letters, share what makes someone special in your life, wear that fabulous dress over your FIGUR whilst making a facetime call with your friends, take yourself on your own home date, turn that music up and dance like the FIGUR babe you are! 💕
  • @figur_coThank you for all the amazing feedback on the OPTIMUM FIGUR. "You're right! It doesn't roll down!" seems to be the most common feedback 🙌🏽. Thank you so much. Let's continue to reshape the world & spread love especially in the times we are currently facing💞 Dont forget to tag @figur_co #figurmovement in all your FIGUR moments to go in the draw for our monthly prizes!

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FIGUR is designed for confidence and comfort, with the goal of making women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes and in their everyday lives.

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