The Women of Figur by Jules Shapewear The Women of Figur by Jules Shapewear For Women Reshaping The World The Women of Figur by Jules Shapewear


Sexy is a mindset not a dress size!

FIGUR is an uplifting and sophisticated brand providing shapewear for women of all shapes and sizes. It is designed for confidence and comfort, with the goal of making women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes and in their everyday lives. At FIGUR we believe real body confidence is about knowing our body, working with what we have got and loving ourselves unconditionally.


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FIGUR is for ALL women, all shapes and sizes. Its revolutionary, well thought out designs elevate the brand above its competitors. Show off your figure in FIGUR.

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  • @figur_coAny minute now! Sending love to our pregnant Ambassador Penny! Wearing MATERNITY FIGUR size 10-12 to give support and compression in all the right areas! Swipe to the moment I said she was having a girl! I was right ❤️👌🏽 You’re going to be an amazing mummy @dancinpenny ❤️ love FIGUR and your tribe #ambassadors #figurmaternity #shapewear #maternityfashion
  • @figur_coCatherine wearing TALL BODY BLACK ULTIMATE size 16 Dear Body, Thank you. Thank you for being the home for my babies and helping me birth 3 beautiful and healthy babies. Thank you for never giving up even when I have been mentally exhausted, you held me up. Thank you for being loyal, even when I wasn’t nice to you. Sorry for the horrible things I have called you. Sorry for the trauma I have put you through. Sorry for not always giving you the respect you deserve. You are the most amazing thing I’ll ever own. You are of infinite value and I only have 1 of you. I respect you, I love you. Always ❤️ Words from our gorgeous ambassador Catherine. @mummastribeofthree
  • @figur_co#flashbackfriday to meeting the FIGUR ambassadors! Greeting them in their rooms @crowneplaza_sydneyburwood and gifting them these incredible welcome gift packs! Thank you to all our amazing partners who believe in FIGUR and wanted to ensure the ambassadors were spoilt. Thank you so much ! X @thesilvercollective #earings @willowbayaustralia #handbag @mylesgrayau #crystalcandle @minx_tan #tanning @jura #coffeebeans @nutraorganics #collagenbeauty @oujini.skincare #rosequartzroller #oils @davroe #organichairproducts @bathefex #skincare #epsomsalt @1000hour #lashes #browdye @sheikeandco #fashiondress @citychiconline #curvyjeans @figur_co #tshirt #shapewear #figurcap #figuramplified
  • @figur_coMore than just shape wear 🤎 FIGUR…. “For women reshaping the world” #shapewear #figuramplified #figurbyjules #love
  • @figur_co“I have punished my body so much over the years. Fad diets, telling myself how horrible I look, wearing winter clothes in summer to cover up. It took me a long time to love my body, love my self! Now, I wear my smile, wear my curves and love my body with complete confidence, and every woman should feel that!” Catherine #figurambassador wearing ULTIMATE TALL BODY size 16 #figurbyjules #selflove #aussiewomen #feelfabulous #curvy #shapewear #workit 👗 @sheikeandco 💆🏽‍♀️ @davroe 💄 @lancomeofficial 📸
  • @figur_coBe your own kinda beautiful #doyou
  • @figur_coOnly 24hrs left! YOUREAQUEEN20 for 20% off site wide! 🤎🧡❤️🤎🧡❤️🤎🧡❤️🤎🧡❤️ #figur #bestshapewear #figurbyjules
  • @figur_coLove yourself first as that’s who you spend the rest oh your life with 🤎👑 #figurbyjules #selflove #sundayvibe #quotestoliveby #quotes 📸 @justinecurran_photography
  • @figur_coSALE 👑 #queensbirthday YOUREAQUEEN20 Starts tonight midnight ends Monday midnight! 20% off all FIGUR #figurbyjules #figur #sale #shapewear #bestshapewear #queen
  • @figur_coDear body, we haven’t always been the best of friends, sometimes we haven’t been friends at all. And as I stare at this photo, I wonder how we got here - all these years later - as strangers who know each other so intimately yet probably still don’t understand each other at all. I don’t question your appearance anymore, I know other people do, but I see you every day. I know every lump, bump, curve and dimple that exists and ever. I’ve watched you grow and change, blossom and fade more times than I can count. I’ve asked you to be prettier, lose weight; and most of the time you don’t listen at all in fact you most nearly always do the opposite. It makes me mad at you... and then it makes me mad at me and wonder why I’d need to change anything about you. We’ve been through a lot together you and I, from bouncing off trampolines to learning to ride a bike; learning to fall off a bike - to dance, to play tennis, to create music, to make love. And although I probably don’t give you enough credit, you’ve done a pretty great job at it all so far. Which leaves me wondering why we have to try so hard, to be friends? When did we ever stop. Was it when I used to ride my bike around the streets with my friends? We’d pick frangipani flowers off the trees, and they’d talk about how much they weighed. I was always too scared to say a number out loud because it was so much higher than their numbers. Or was it when we overheard a man call us fat to his friends, but then I let him have you anyway because the fear of rejection over the way you looked was unbearable. Looking back now, I’m sad for the way I felt about you for so long. I regret not protecting you more, not valuing you more, and not recognising that you held value no matter what you looked like or what other people thought of you. And while the road is long, life is short, and this photo of just you and me reminds me that their is beauty, and worth, and stories, in every single part of you. And while maybe the last 28 years have been a little rocky, I think maybe (with a little hard work) we could just be friends forever. @itskatejanmaree 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


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